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Visiting the Texas State Aquarium will create lasting memories for every individual. Dedicated to helping engage people with animals, the aquarium inspires appreciation for our seas and supports wildlife conservation. Only a few years old, the aquarium has already gained a reputation for its amazing displays and animal care. The aquarium's huge selection of exciting exhibits is sure to impress every guest. The colorful coral reef exhibit is decorated with coral and brightly covered fish from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The exhibit is home to Lionfish, Tarpon, Palometa, the French Grunt, and more. Visit the jungle exhibit for unique wildlife. Here in the Caribbean based jungle, there is a wide selection of animals, like the bright pink Caribbean Flamingo. The exhibit is also home to Scarlet Ibis, Vampire Bats, and the two-toed sloth. Travel to the popular Dolphin Bay exhibit. Here you can get up close to the Atlantic Bottle-nosed dolphins in their giant saltwater pool. Watch the dolphins swim around, play, and interact with each other.  Head over to the Swamp Tales exhibit to see swampy creatures. See the giant American Alligator up close in the marshy water. Keep an eye out for the Red-Eared Slider Turtle and the Texas Diamondback Terrapin. Fly over to the Eagle pass exhibit to see our high flying friends. See up close the United States National bird, the amazing Bald Eagle. Also, look at the beautiful Golden Eagles. See the eagles sharp beaks and talons up close. For an up-close and memorable experience visit the Aquatic Nursery. Here some species newborns and babies develop and you can see them up close. See juvenile moon jellies, cuttlefish, Brine Shrimp, and even bamboo shark eggs. Come see all these amazing creatures up close at the Texas State Museum.